How to get in touch with HomeSales, Inc?

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I want to buy a REO property owned by Home Sales, Inc. They seem to be based out of Ohio. The address for the owner of the property shows up as:

3415 VISION DR.  
COLUMBUS, OH  43219-6009

I've spent a good portion of my day today trying to find their website with no success. I couldn't even find a listed phone number to call in order to get further info about the property I am interested in buying. Does any of you have their info..
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HomeSales, Inc  is currently part of JP Morgan Chase. This mortgage servicer was previously owned by Fremont Investments, which in turn sold it to Chase.

Any property that has "HomeSales, Inc of Delaware" as the owner of record is actually part of Chase REO properties.

The toll-free number to contact Chase REO department is 1-877-584-3290. You may be able to find the current status on a reo property you are interested in. They don't deal directly with buyer offers. All the properties in Chase bank reo inventory are listed through local agents.

All the current Chase REO properties listed for sale can be found on their reo site.

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