What is the contact info for Deutsche Bank REO Department?

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I'm interested in making an offer on a house that was very recently sold back to the bank (Deutsche Bank National Trust Company) at my county foreclosure auction.

I've been adviced by one and all to contact Deutsche Bank and make an attempt to purchase the reo property before they relist it on the market. In spite of my spirited search on their website, I've not been able to find any contact information for Deutsche Bank REO department.

Does any of you have their contact info, a phone number or email?
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With the extremely high volume of foreclosures and reo properties, I think many of the bank reo departments are overwhelmed with calls from interested buyers, investors and real estate professionals.

This is their official contact info found on their website:

Deutsche Bank
1761 East St Andrew Place
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Tel: (714) 247 6000
Fax: (714) 247 6022

For more information about getting in touch with Deutsche Bank's REO department, visit this blog post written by a realtor explaining the process he followed.

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