What is the best way to find information online when it comes to health insurance plans?

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I recently started a new job and, unfortunately, it doesn’t include any health insurance until I have been there for six months.  A lot of my friends and family have insurance through Cigna or MetLife but that comes with their company.  Are these good companies to go through if I am paying out of pocket?  What are my other options?  I tried doing a simple Google search for health insurance but I still want to make sure I’m getting absolutely the best deal.  Unfortunately, I need an array of coverage because I am asthmatic, wear glasses and need to undergo physical therapy for a knee injury.  Also, does anyone know if chiropractor visits can be covered by insurance?

I am hoping to be able to pay monthly installments with whatever coverage I get.  I’m not sure if there is an all encompassing plan that will provide dental, health and eye doctors but that would be ideal. Please if anyone has any tips on how to research this sort of thing I would greatly appreciate it.  Or if you have some health insurance companies in mind, please reply here with their names so I can look into them directly.
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How recently did you start your new job? If you had insurance coverage through your former employer, you may be able to keep it until your new insurance kicks in. I would definitely start there — it’ll cost you, but it may be easier than going through the search and application process for new coverage. 

If that option doesn't work, try going through an health insurance broker — they know the industry so they will know where to look for the best deals. Several years ago I was doing some temp jobs and didn’t have insurance coverage … I worked with a broker who was able to find me affordable health insurance. I would have had no idea where to look myself!
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