What are the tourist visa requirements for Indians to visit Thailand?

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I'm planning to spend some relaxing time in Thailand during my next vacation (10 days). As this is going to be my first foreign trip, I want to make the most of it.

As an Indian citizen, what should I take along with me in order to get a thai visa without any issues.
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For Indians, the exact visa requirements and procedures to visit Thailand vary depending on the length of your trip.

India is one among the 20 countries whose passport holders are allowed to apply for visas upon arrival, for the purpose of tourism, at the 23 immigration checkpoints in Thailand. With this temporary tourist visa, the visa validity period doesn't extend beyond 15 days. 

Indian citizens can choose to apply for visa upon arrival in Thailand if their intended duration of stay is less than 15 days. 

The following are some of the requirements for Indians to get a Visa On Arrival in Thailand:

  1. A valid Indian passport.
  2. An individual applicant must possess 10,000 Baht  as instrument of means for covering living expenses. The required amount is 20,000 Baht per family.
  3. The temporary tourist visa applicant must also produce a fully paid return ticket with a usability date within 15 days after the date of entry into Thailand.
  4. An application fee of 300 Baht must accompany the application form with  recently taken photo (2.25 inches) attached to it.
  5. Extension of stay is rarely given, except in special cases involving health issues. 

For extended stay and other visit purposes (work, business, study), visit the website of Royal Embassy of Thailand in New Delhi, India. 

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