Is it possible to qualify for a FHA home loan if you are employed in a different state and reside there?

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I currently work and live in California. It's too costly for me to go and purchase a residential property here, even with all the sharp real estate price declines. 

I'm interested in buying a small condo in Atlanta. It's listed for sale for $80k. Will it be possible for me to secure a mortgage on this property with a FHA home loan?
My job basically allows me to work remotely from anywhere, including Atlanta. I've worked on this job with the same employer for the past 6 years. Over those years, I've worked for extended periods of time remotely, and even abroad. Our current team also has several members that work away from our HQ. 
If I disclose that I plan to live in Atlanta and work remotely from there with the current emplyer, would I run into issues with the eligibility criteria for FHA.
If the FHA won't allow it, what are my options. Should I just try a conventional mortgage lender such as Chase, Wells Fargo?
asked 7 years ago by trickortreat

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